I have never, but i have…

I have never been in the raging fierce war, but I have shot my brother with a fully loaded nerf gun. I have never sneezed in the public mall full of people, but I have sneezed ferociously at home. I have never been on a furiously fast flaming roller coaster, but I have been on a furiously, fast, flaming, waltz.


I have never flown off a 50 F sky high London flat’s, but I have jumped off a hill with my brother, who was laughing his head off. I have never fought at school, but I have fought with my brother.


I have never climbed the sky scraper like mount everest, but i have climbed the daisy, filled huge, hill at the park. I have never been bit by a fierce, scaly cobra, but I have been stung by a wasp 2 times!


I have never written the end of a 100 page poem, but i have written the end of this poem like a teacher.

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