I have never but I have…

I have never but I have…


I have flown a rocket to the dusted moon but I have flown on a plane to Majorka in Spain.


I have never owned a wild werewolf but I have owned a cute fluffy dog.


I have never played for Liverpool in the premier league but I have played for coltishall in a torment.


I have had enough money to buy a mansion but I have had enough to buy a box of sweets.


I have never been in an orange Lamborghini but I have been in a silver Rand Rover.


I have never been scuba diving in the blue ocean but I have been kayaking in Lakeside.


I have eaten a hot spicy pepper but I have eaten a warm delicious chile con carnie. 


I have never ridden a strong stalin but I have ridden a small grey donkey with pointy ears.

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