I have never…but I have…

I’ve never… but I have…

I’ve never ridden a dragon to the red planet

but I have ridden a horse on the powdery sand of the beach.

I’ve never climbed up the Eiffel tower on roller-skates

but I have climbed up a sapphire blue bunk bed.

I’ve never won a race against Usain Bolt in the Olympic Games.

but I have beaten my little sister under the dim light in the garden.

I’ve never played a football match for Liverpool or Manchester United

but I have played a school football match in the quarter finals.

I have never  ridden a flying hover board over mount Olympus

but I have ridden my grey bike down the cobbled road.

I have never flow in a spitfire down a long runway

but I have made a cut out airplane out of cardboard in my Livingroom.

I have never petted a phoenix on top of big ben

but I have petted my dog  on a warm Sunday morning.

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