I have never but I have…

I never but I have


I have never touched a dragon amongst piles of shimmering silver but I have touched a Komodo dragon amongst piles of fresh leaves.


I have never driven a racing car breaking barriers on a hot track

but I have raced my bike down a barren field leaving marks behind.


I have never jumped from tree to tree in a thick, thorough rainforest

but I have clambered up trees lined along the edge of a clean field.


I have never played football on the Swindon Town FC pitch

but I have played football on the playground football pitch.


I have never seen a rugby match

but I have seen all me and my mates playing our version of rugby.


I have never tasted a fresh, red lobster from the sea

but I have tasted fresh, yellow cod from the sea.


I have never written and published a book

 but I have written and shown a big write to my head teacher.


I have never ridden a snow-white Pegasus over the Olympia stadium

but I have ridden a snow-white horse on the soft sand at the beach.


I have never visited the Parthenon on the Acropolis in Greece

but I have visited Launceston Castle in Cornwall.

By Keira


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