i have never… but i have .. buy lilyxx

I have never….

       But i have …,. By lily 


I have never stroked the spiky back of a crocodile,

 but i have stroked the soft tummy of my dog .


I have never been to space ,

But i have gazed up at the moonlight stars.


I have never scored the winning goal for england’s football team ,

But i have scored a goal against my brothers friend .


I have never been to antarctica ,

But i have been down the freezer aisle at tesco .


I have never owned a £5,000,000 mansion,

 but i have owned a toy lamborghini.


I have never watched a garden show on t.v ,

but i have  planted sunflowers around my green garden .


I have never been to see the springy kangaroos in Australia  ,

But i have seen my brothers bounce on their trampoline.


I have never wrote a good story but i have wrote the end of this poem .


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