I have never but I have… logan

I’ve never ridden a pegasus to school

but i have ridden a horse on the beach .


I’ve never road on a shark in the sea

but i have road on a boat.


I’ve never been to Greece

but i have been to Spain.


I’ve never stroked a big cat (tiger)

but i have stroked my cat.


I’ve never been on a private jet

but i have been on a aeroplane .


I’ve never climed mounteverest  in cold weather

but i have climbed a tree at my cousins house.


I’ve never seen a dragon

but i have seen a tiger in a zoo.


I’ve never sat on a eletric chair

but i have sat o a stool in my house.


I’ve never eaten a £1000 steak in a restaurant

but i have eaten fruit in my kichen.

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