I have never…by Delaney @Belmont

I have never heard an osprey call as it circles the lakes,

but I have heard a red kite call as it stares from the sky.

I have never held a rhino at a zoo,

but I have held a fish a from  Belvior lakes.

I have never visited Big Ben,

but I have visited Belton house.


I have never ridden a camel across the Egyptian desert,

but I have ridden a donkey across Skegness beach on a hot summers day.

I have never tasted a Indian from Bottersford,

but I have tasted a Indian from Grantham town.


I have never thrown  a cow across belvior farm,

but I have thrown a ball across my garden.


I have never felt the interior of a Lamborghini,

but I have felt the interior of a massy Ferguson.


I have never climbed Big Ben as it ticks to midnight,

but I have  climbed a Fendt 939. Percent

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