I have never By Demi @Belmont

I have never held a lamb from my uncle Mick’s  farm, but I have held a corn snake in Lincolnshire zoo.

I have never seen a fox in the Hills and Hollows of Alma park, but I have seen an owl fly over my garden.

I have never ridden a electric scouter up a hill, but I have ridden my brothers quad bike in the woods.

I have never tasted American candy, but I have tasted English chocolate.

I have never leaped from the top of Big Ben in London, but I have jumped on my trampoline at home.

I have never thrown a ball into my neighbours garden, but I have thrown a chocolate bar in their garden to say thank you .

I have never climbed a ladder as high as 50 feet, but I have climbed  a hill in the woods.

I have never felt a crusty cloud in the night sky, but I have felt my dogs tounge when he is liking my face.



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