I have never …. By Poppy @Belmont

I have never heard a war beginning in Grantham town Centre, but I have heard scared children screaming loudly.

I have never seen the past driving down the road telling me to go back to 2010, but I have seen my memories in my disturbing dreams.

I have never felt the tingle of a terrific golden trophy from the win of  Ropsley Colts Girls, but I have felt a flashing heart beat.

I have never ridden a brown card board box into the blank space of Earths surrounding, but I have ridden a purple bike waiting for a good ride.

I have never thrown a ancient Egyptian raindrop like a ball vanished into the thin air,  but I have thrown a football into the the pitch for my team.

I have never visited the terrific tall Big Ben in London, but I have visited the best stadium in Manchester, Old Trafford.

I have never touched the rough fur of a tigers skin as it crawls to catch its prey, but I have touched a  budgies smooth, soft different coloured feathers.

I have never tasted the spices of a Russian Palace waiting to scare me with its royal spices, but I have tasted a delicious pizza melting in my mouth.

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