I have never entered the enchanted forest

 I have never fed a crocodile  in the shining moon 


                    but I have fed a cat at home.


                   I have never made a rope up to the guttering star

                    but I have made a rope out of paper.


                   I have never jumped all the way to mars and seen the fabulous sand hot as a chilly pepper.

                   But i have touched hot tea at home


                    I have never climbed the leaning tower of pizza and jumped off without getting hurt 

                    but I climbed a tree and jumped off it without getting a bit hurt.


                    I have never said hello in a clear voice in the amazing clear sky 

                    but i have said hello in my bed as my brother snores.


                   I have never entered the enchanted forest and saw all the amazing creachers but

                    I have  seen a scary dog growling at me at Kentish town.


                  I have never went to a tropical resort and saw a ginormous airplane

                   but I have won a game of snakes and ladders.



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