I have never visited the historical site of Battle Abbey by Alfie

I have never scurried across the shimmering, dark blue water,

But I have jumped across the fantastically broken Hastings pier.


I have never been to the golden sand of Africa,

But I have been to Bedgebury on a hot sunny day.


I have never had a dessert made by Gordon Ramsey,

But I have had oreo waffles from Caspers.


I have never seen the amazing light Eiffel Tower at night,

But I have been to Big Ben when it was being rebuilt in summer.


I have never flown in the fantastic Apollo 13 to space to the amazingly, light up moon, 

But I have sat in the back of a car zooming down the m25 as I watched the cars wiz past.


I have never visited the historical site of Battle Abbey,

But I have been to the ruin of Hastings Castle.


I have never caught the glimpse of the beach in  Sydney Australia,

But I have been to Rocky golden beach in Hastings.


I have never befriended her majesty the Queen,

But I have become close to my friends Makayla and Declan.


I have never got the best selling book displayed in Waterstones, But i have put my heart and soul into this poem.

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