If I Was A Door By Connor

If I were a lilac door

I would show you

A path that leads to a mysterious tree,

a glow erupting from a mysterious hole

or a moon looking down upon you.

If I were an emerald door

I would take you

To a tree launching apples in every direction,

a path leading through a forest

or a vast field surrounded by shamrocks.

If I were a crimson door

I would give you

A scarlet basket full of the finest berries,

a shiny garnet 

or a rose as bright as the sun.

If I were an azure door

I would lead you

To a vast ocean shimmering in the sun,

a teal fish diving from a waterfall

or cobalt berries hiding in the bushes.

If I were an amber door

I would stop you

From burning in a forest fire,

Falling from an ablaze cliff

or tumbling into a volcano.

If I were a shadow door

I would save you

From a boulder rolling directly towards you,

a chain swinging from a roof

or the moon crashing into earth.

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