If I were a door

If I were a blue door,
I would show you
A path of blue bells waiting to be explored,
Or a king fisher diving into the water,
And a Pandemonium of macaws flying over your head.

If I were a pink door,
I would take you to see,
A group of lotus flowers swirling through a river,
A pink panther attacking a lion,
And a pink panda eating its’ bamboo.

If I were an orange door
I would stop you,
From being eaten by a hungry tiger,
From touching a bird of paradise flower,
Or being tangled by an octopus.

If I were an emerald door,
I would take you,
To the never ending pit of Tartarus,
To the eye of the fiercest storm,
To the hottest point of the volcano Pompeii.

If I were a yellow door,
I would watch you,
Race a common seahorse,
Hold an eyelash viper,
Climb a golden crumpet tree.

If I were a red door,
I would give you,
A Bichromatic Tourmaline Crystal Gem,
A parrot red lory,
And a collection of poinsettia flowers

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