If I were a door

If i were a door 

If I were a blue door 

I would show you 

The picturesque Colorado landscape,

The Andes mountain range 

And the amazing Norwegian fjords.

If I were a green door

I would take you 

To the great pyramids of Giza,

The Sphinx of Egypt 

And to the tip of Mount Everest.

If I were a red door 

I would teach you 

The secrets of Yellowstone national park,

Historical mysteries 

And the dangers of a volcano.

If I were a yellow door 

I would stop you 

From falling into a vicious storm,

Tripping into a volcano 

Disturbing sharks.

If I were an orange door

I would show you 

The far mountains of Canada,

Lake Taupo in New Zealand 

And Lake Toba in Indonesia.

If I were a purple door 

I would take you 

To Niagara Falls,

The infamous Bermuda Triangle 

And the Galápagos Islands.

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