If I were a door by Anabelle

If I were an green door,
I would take you,
To a dragon’s lair so you could see their malicious green eyes staring unblinking at you,
To a world selling cucumber flavoured ice cream,
And to a place where leaves turn into pieces of gold.

If I were a black door,
I would teach you,
How to be as unnoticeable as a shadow,
How to be as mysterious as a crow,
And how to be as deadly as a knife.

If I were a red door,
I would stop you,
From falling off a crumbling cliff,
From walking into an active volcano,
And running into the world of the dead.

If I were a blue door,
I would show you,
An ocean that shimmers like sapphires in the sunlight,
Bluebells that can freeze you with one touch,
And an ice queen’s castle.

If I were a pink door,
I would share with you,
The wonders of candy floss made from clouds,
Walking through fields of pink roses,
And a world where your wishes come true.

If I were an orange door,
I would encourage you to,
Go into battle with mountain trolls,
Challenge an evil queen,
Or to face your greatest fear.

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