If I were a door by Daisy

If I were a blue door,
I would let you see,
Butterflys’ fluttering all around,
Periwinkle petals falling to the ground,
Saphire jewels in the sky.

If I were an orange door,
I would share with you,
Flames flying up into the night sky,
Tigers jumping with joy,
Marigold flowers swaying in the wind.

If I were a purple door,
I would share with you,
The scent of lavender warming the heart of those who enter,
The sweet yet sour taste of blueberries,
Quarts glimmering softly from inside of a cave.

If I were a pink door,
I would show you,
Pink lotus flowers’ floating on the pond,
Flamingos gather and huddle all around you,
Pink strawberries hanging from 50 foot vines.

If I were a black door,
I would show you,
The hidden souls of the deceased,
Crows swarming around us,
Coal mines that go into the core of the earth.

If I were a yellow door,
I would lead you to,
Trees’ dripping with honey,
Faces’ that only smile,
Pots’ overflowed with gold coins.

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