If I were a door… By Natasha

If I were a red door,

I would take you

to patches of roses,

erupting volcanoes

and a Robin’s nest.

If I were a orange door,

I would show you,

swarms of golden koi fish,

carved pumpkins glaring at you

and calming ever-lasting sunsets.

If I were a yellow door,

I would give you

baskets of lemon pies,

golden sunrises

and candles made from daffodils.

If I were a lime door,

I would take you

to cafes of mint tea,

emerald green grass catching the sunlight

and caring cautious crocodiles.

If I were a cyan door,

I would share with you

teal tulips swaying in the summer breeze,

paths of periwinkle petals

and Atlantic whales submerging.

If I were a lilac door,

I would lead you 

to caves of amethyst,

fields of lavenders

and dreams dark as dark orchids

If I were a pink door,

I would make you

watch petals falling from cherry blossoms trees,

oceans of marshmallows

and dancing flamingos.

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