If I were a door- By Olivia

If I were a blue door,

I would show you, 

Boxes of blueberries ready to be baked in a pie,

An emperor butterfly fluttering over a field of bluebells,

A blue crab trying to blend in with the ocean.


If I were a purple door,

I would take you to, 

A field full of beautiful opened the lavender,

A picnic where you can eat plums and drink blackcurrant.


If I were a pink door,

I would take you to see, 

The pink moon and smell fresh cherry blossom,

Pink robins racing around a pond,

Pink dolphins gently gliding in the water.


It I were a orange door,

I would save you,

From a corn snake,

Take you to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean to see thousands of clownfish,

Carve pure hardened pumpkins.

If I were a green door,


I would take you to see,

Avocado being picked,

Miners trying to fine jade stone,

Pea pickers trying to fine the best ones.


If I were a yellow door,

I would take you,

To the watch the sun set,

Pick daffodils and make a daisy chain,

Go to a lemon farm and pick the juiciest ones.

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