I’ve never… But I have

I have never been to the Moon

but I have been to Madrid in Spain.


I have never been in a zombie apocalypse

but I have had an apocalypse with my brother in my room.


I have never ate at a 5 star restaurant

but I have had dinner in my patterned room.


I have never rode a unicorn in Aldi’s

but I have had a horse in my back garden.


I have never had a PS5

but I have had a new PS4 game.


I have never touched the tip of a cactus
but I have felt a smooth, pattered dog.


I have never stolen the ruby crown jewels but

I have taken my brothers favourite sweets.


I have never learnt Latin but I have learnt Spanish.

I have never play a retro game

but I have payed the latest games.

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