I’ve never….But I have

I’ve never cried on a cat

but I have cried on a pillow.

I’ve never swum with a beautiful baby blue dolphin in the golden sunset

But I have swum with A orange fish.


I’ve never cooked with a simmering red strawberry

But I have cooked with some melted chocolate.

I’ve never seen a fight in the class

But I have read a brilliant book in the class room.

I’ve never seen a spotty dog walk their owner in a magic meadow

But I have seen a person walk their spotty dog on the road.


I’ve never jumped of a white cliff

But I have jumped of my stairs.


I’ve never danced with a penguin on the moon

But I have danced in my room with a Gerbil.


I’ve never wrote a book with a dog But I have readied a book about a jungle.


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