I’ve never… but I have… By Freddie

I’ve never been in a fight with pennywise,

but I have done a takedown on my mad mum.


I’ve never befriended Captain Underpants,

But I’ve met someone thats crazy for underrated underwear


I’ve never drank luxurious, bubbling butterbeer with Harry Potter,

But I’ve slurped down a taste bud tickling strawberry milkshake from Mcdonalds


I’ve never ridden a darting dolphin as the stars twinkle in the cole black sky,

But I’ve zoomed on my surfboard colourful as coral above an octopus as its tentacles carry on working.


I’ve never sung a supreme song with Kendrick Lemar,

But I’ve splashed eerie notes while I’m in the bath


I’ve never played for Manchester City’s great 1st team,

But I’ve amusingly beat defenders for my Saturday team Camden Town Youth


I’ve never done an dearing challenge in the Olympics Games,

But I’ve been and watched the amusing events when I was a baby.

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