King Kong and other wonderful, wild things

I have never eaten sushi in a Japanese temple, but I have guzzled salmon in Spain on a sunny Sunday.

I have never seen the queen outside her perfect palace, but I watched her on TV on Christmas Day sitting in her armchair performing her magical message.

I have never seen a beastly Basilisk( from Harry Potter), but I have spotted a gigantic snake.

I have never seen King Kong swinging swiftly off a skyscraper, like a pair of clothes hanging onto a hanger, but I have seen a gorilla in a zoo hanging off a branch.

I have never rode on the back of a killer whale in the Pacific Ocean, but I have ridden on a horse at a birthday party.

I have never soared to super space in a rocket, but I have been to spectacular Spain in a plane.

I have never jumped out of a plane in Africa, where it’s as boiling as the sun, but I have hopped off my grandma’s bouncy bed in horrendous heatwave.

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