Mouldy cheese from my house

Mouldy cheese from my house…

I have never seen a magical, pink dolphin swim around The Atlantic Ocean,

but I have seen a plump jellyfish at Animal Kingdom.

I have never heard a baby sheep cry because it wants his mum at Super Sam’s Farm,

but I have heard my dog Peggy bark as she fetched a ball.

I have never touched a metallic, metal horse shoe,

but I have touched a horses smooth, soft, magic mane at Fox Fields.

I have never smelt the sweet, chocolate smell of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory,

but I have smelt the horrible smell of mouldy cheese from my house.

I have never tasted cotton candy with creamy custard on top,

but I have eaten creamy custard from Tesco.

I have never raced Usain Bolt,

but I have raced my obviously annoying little brother Harry.

I have never watched an itv drama,

but I have watched the super Secret Garden.

I have never felt an unrealistic unicorn horn,

but I have felt my brothers gross, grazed knee.

By Ruby

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