My couloured doors by Maisie.

Go and open the purple door, mabey you”ll see,

plumbs as dark as the night sky itself

playing perfectly in the park

they  plumbs were as light as night.


Go and open the pink door, mabey you”ll see,

cheerful strarberry ice – cream that want to play

all the candy floss was as pink as a rose

when I walked through the pink door some candy floss was shaped  into a fluffy pink rose.


Go and open the blue door, mabey you”ll see ,

blueberries  jumping happily into a blender

as the blue door opened I could see the ocen dotted with blueberries swimming as the pale sky looked down on all goings on.


Go and open the yellow door, mabey you”ll see,

buttercups as tall as trees and Canaries singing a sweet song

or bees going from dandylion to dandylion carring pollen as their wings carried their stubby little bodies

Go and open the orange door, mabey you”ll see,

tangeriens dropping from trees and onto the ground

or the sun setting in the amber sky showing that soon it would be dark,

but even asthe sun set carrots were still being picked by farmers in the amber feileds.




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