My mystery doors by Ali

Go on open the amber door,
Maybe there is apricots ready to be picked,
pumpkins being carved
or flames dying out.

Go on open the grey door,
Maybe there is an elephant ready to crush you,
a wolf pack biting you
or pigeons flapping there wings.

Go on open the brown door,
Maybe there is a coconut cracked open,
a bear ready to eat you up
or scrumptious chocolates.

Go on open the blue door,
Maybe there is waves crashing in the pacific ocean
or a kaleidoscope flying away.

Go on open the black door,
Maybe there is a bat in the deepest darkest caves,
a crow flapping its wings
or a car tyre left alone.

One Response to “My mystery doors by Ali”

  1. Hi Ali! It’s Natasha. I really enjoyed the amber door verse! Why is the wolfs from the grey door verse trying to bite you? Shouldn’t it be pigeons flapping their wings instead of pigeons flapping there wings.

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