roisins poem

Go and open the blue door

maybe you’ll see….

bubble gum ice cream is as bright as the cloudy blue sky.

sugary sherbet smells and tastes deliouscly amazing.

The hardend sea is moving and swishing against the shells on the sea floor.

Go and open the purple door

maybe you’ll see….

berries crying when there squeezed into blackcurrent juice.

lavender is purple in a pack of buds.

happiness in the garden like blooming flowers.

Go and open the yellow door

maybe you’ll see…

happiness shining across the sun sparkling.

A yellow rose sparkled in the sun like sparkling shampane.

Yellow socks cryed as they faced facts about them selfs.

Go and open the green door

maybe you’ll see….

spiky leaves gracefully falling of trees

Jealousy rained down as leaves fell.

grass stood there nervously still while people stamped on him.

Go and open the red door

maybe you’ll see….

a heart beat beating.

rose’s wept with sorrow while it was planted into a bush.

sorrow floated down and red rose’s  flopped there heads down.

petals from blossom trees sat on the ground like smushed mud.

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