the queens crown jewels

The queen’s crown jewels by Madi


I have never kissed a slobbery slimy monster

but I have kissed my cat’s wet nose.


I have never climbed to the top of the tallest mountain in the world

but I have climbed to the top of a hill in Hartsholme park.


I have never seen the queen’s crown jewels 

but I have seen cute kids jewelry in the window of a shop. 


I have never eaten a box of  expensive chicken nuggets

but I have been to the Mcdonalds at the Carlton centre.


I have never been down number 10 Downing Street

but I have been down number 22 Barlings Lane.


I have never held a scaly scary snake

but I have held my cute cuddly kittens while laying on my bed.


I have never been to the sahara desert to see a camel

but I have been to Spain and I found a crab clipperty clapping on the beach.


I have never befriended a unicorn with wings like sequinned diamonds 

but I have befriended my uncles dalmation as scared as an ant about to be stepped on.

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