Through every door something different is revealed! By Ruby.

Go and open the yellow door maybe you’ll see,

a yoghurt beaming out of solar beams like an exploding sun,

a yummy young banana dancing with an orange,

sweet looking lemons waved at limes.


Go and open the red door maybe you will see,

a pepper becoming a hot chilli,

a fire ball melting in my hands,

and tomatoes jumping up and down.


Go and open the green door maybe you’ll see,

Grass being still in the wind,

Trees waving in the distance,

bushes like Mount Everest.


Go and open the blue door maybe you’ll see

strong, feisty waves slaughtering sand dunes on the Beach,

an open ocean full of calm water,

the sky rushing past you in fear.


Go and open the orange door maybe you’ll see,

an egg becoming as tough as the Rock,

a ball becoming a space ship,

the sun waved majestically wearing sunglasses.

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