Through the doors

Through the midnight black door,

Maybe you’ll see howling houses screaming as loud as a lion,

A crystal clear cave as bright as the sun,

Or a graveyard filled with spooky skeletons.


Through the ocean blue door,

Maybe you’ll see sea serpents screaming as loud a whale,

Floppy fishes singing away,

Or whales yawning as loud as a lion.


Through the rose-red door,

Maybe you’ll see volcano’s spitting out lava,

Flames burning into a thousand pieces,

Or ashes melting into heating hot lava.


Through the emerald green door,

Maybe you’ll see emeralds sparkling as bright as the core of the earth,

Slimes jumping up and down like a bouncy castle,

Or reptiles running as fast as a cheetah.


Go on then, open the door.



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