where i come from by kreshnik

i’ve never pet a kangaroo in the middle of australia 

But i have pet a gold fish in my house.


I’ve never had caviar in a five star hotel

But i have eaten some chips from mcdonalds.


I’ve never had champagne with a celebrity 

But i have had some orange juice with my family.


I’ve never had to search for the moon

But i have searched for my brother while playing hide and seek in the park


I’ve never had a rainbow carpet that gives you wishes 

But i have a carpet in the middle of my living room


I’ve never had a race with usain bolt at the olympics

But i have had a race with my siblings at the park


I’ve never had to argue with sonic

But i have argued with my sister


I’ve never swam in the middle of the atlantic ocean 

but i have swam at the lido


I’ve never had to fight against with naruto

But i have had a fight with my brother


I’ve never defeated kaguya with naruto and sasuke at a different dimension

But i have defeated my brother in a race


I’ve never seen a precious sapphire diamond 

But i have seen a fake jewel 


I’ve never had a golden pizza in a luxurious palace

But i have gobbled a crunchy,cheesy pizza


I’ve never killed a villain from my hero academia

But i have accidentally killed a ant

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