Where I Come From… -jorgie 4SJ

I have never…

Flew on a shiny jetpack In London

But I have flown with British airways to Portugal.

I have never…….

Went on the airline called Easyjet Excitedly.

but I have Flew on Tap Happily.


I have never…

Eaten an Octopus

 But I have Eaten a Fish fast at home.


I’ve never…

Seen Big Ben in person

But I have seen a clock tower before.

I have never…

 Traveled in a private jet before

But I sailed on a boat before to portugal.

I have never…

Spoken  to a flying blue fish in the sea

But I have talked to people on land.


I have never…

 Played Noctis or Phasmobia the game on my own because that’s scary on my computer, 

But I Have played Noctis and Phasmobia with my friends.


I have never…

Eaten a bug before,

But I have eaten a plate of cheese pasta!


I have never,

Eaten a golden crispy pizza,

But, I did order some pizza hut!


I have never, 

Went on a small plane,

But, I have gone on a large plane.


I have never………. 

Fighted  my friend called Kit,

But I have battled my big brother called will.

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