Behind the doors at Hogwarts by Brooke

Behind the cyan door, Professor Flitwick waits to greet the anxious first year students; Luna carefully writes her next Quibbler and second years huddle over in the corner of the dormitory, practising charms.

Behind the seaweed green door, Snape snaps at the terrified children; the snake watches their every move and Voldemort’s robe sways in the heavy wind of defeat.

Behind the canary door, the loyal third years wait for their chance to care; Cedric tries to open the golden egg and professor Sprout hurries back from her herbology lessons.

Behind the crimson door, professor McGonagall transforms into a tabby cat; Harry stares over to the end of his bed where the invisibility cloak lays, beckoning for him to use it and Ron irritably follows Hermione around the common room, begging her to help him with his homework and eventually doing it all.

Behind the penny brown doors, Dumbledore sits at the end of the hall, waiting for the sorting ceremony; banners line the stain-glass windows and above their heads, candles float on charcoal clouds.

3 Responses to “Behind the doors at Hogwarts by Brooke”

  1. I love how you used harry potter for the ideas.
    To improve I think you could maybe add some speech

  2. Sam and Mackenzie May 31, 2021 at 1:32 pm

    we love how you added a few harry potter characters

    can you add more doors please?

    you should add more characters

  3. I really like how you added the seaweed green door.

    How did you get the names off all the characters.

    I think you should add some speech to the characters.

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