Galaxy unicorn

The infamous galaxy unicorn lives in multiple places, sometimes it’s in God’s beautiful palace in heaven (as it’s god’s pet)or it could be in the depths of hell doing sins for the devil (as it’s the devil’s right hand man!) The galaxy unicorn possesses features such as , concentrated dark matter as skin, mane made out of blinding bright stars , hooves made out of the rarest diamonds ,  eyes made out of lava fresh from hell  and glistening,glimmering angel wings!The galaxy unicorn lives on a strict diet of evil souls and planets!The galaxy unicorn is the most powerful living thing it can devour a galaxy  in one chomp,and it can beam planets with one beam of it’s horn!

2 Responses to “Galaxy unicorn”

  1. Li Li PURNELL May 24, 2021 at 2:10 pm

    Dear the author of this poem ,
    1. Your poem was really great . It stood out from the others which is why I read it .
    2. Where did you get all of your great ideas from ?
    3. I think you should maybe start some of your sentences differently because you used the quite a lot .

  2. Aseel – Hallsville
    1. Your description of the unicorn was amazing, I could really imagine it in my head.
    2. I think that if you use more adverbials it would make your writing flow better.
    3.Where do you get your ideas from? There amazing.

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