about the devil unicorn

The legend of the devil unicorn 


The devil unicorn, which is a type of flying unicorn which is found in the grave yards of hell every week, day unicorn ghosts reunite near the grave yards next to the gates of hell to track down more about these magical creatures . during lockdown periods these winged horses have become easier to spot and have traveled from florida to hell to the delight of many citizens the devil unicorn has a now been spotted in local graveyards taking over of churches and hell there is no more to be discovered about this species . 


Have you ever seen the devil unicorn? Actual devil unicorn are most likely to be seen in the day with there neon black fur in grave yards the devil unicorns likes to praise his father satan while goasts ride on his back. His bright red flaming hot eyes with his flame birth mark on his back instead of a unicorn horn satan jr [ his name] has devil horns sometimes insted of a neon black devil unicorn you can rarley get a bright red one flying through the sky  at night 


Many people believe the devil unicorn can grant magical wishes but this has yet to be discovered if you believe that one is living near you it is probably best to keep it a secrate thay enjoy hunting if you have ganed there trust remeber that these ar wild creachers so do not rid ethem as thay are resent such a interesting llets keep these teachers safe for future generations 

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