about the storm unicorn

About the storm unicorn 


The storm unicorn, which is a rare species of flying horse, is found in the clouds. Every two weeks unicorn ologists come together near the clouds to find out more about these marvellous animals. During recent lock down periods these winged unicorns have been seen more and have journeyed from clouds to roof tops. To the joy of many people, the storm unicorn has been seen in towns taking advantage of causing storms in town . However , there is more to find out about these unknown creatures. 


Would you be able to recognise a storm unicorn if you saw one ? In fact they are very similar to the majority of horse . Like most unicorns they have a humongous horn , The body of a storm unicorn and there brilliant hearing . unfortunately a large number have been spotted which are dark black . This allows them to blend into dark grey clouds in the silky furthermore , they have amazing eye sight made of crystals and their tatis consist of lighting , black hair . 


Many peolple beleve that the storm unicorn cna aloue lighting wishes but this has yet to prov . If you accept that on living in your your local skys , It’s probably best to keep it to your self . They like thunderstorms if you have their trust . Remember though they are outdoor creatures so do not try to talk  then as resent such as intrusion lets keep these amazing speccies safe for the future generations.

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