Blossom unicorn

Intro and description: 

The blossom unicorn is an amazing creature that has become a very rare. It is animal that has become a interesting to all of mankind on earth, many people believe it is not real although some  do. The fur of this amazing animal is a creamy white colour with faint flower patterns. There hooves turns different colours depending on its mood, the tail and main is a light pink colour with silver strokes of glitter in. The eyes are a vibrant blue, with bright sparks.


The astonishing blossom unicorn lives in the woods and is  mainly found near blossom trees and bright summer pool, it loves to live in beds of blossom in the spring time. It has amazing senses even when asleep.


It eats fruit manly apples and cherry’s it also likes fresh grass. Its favourite sweets are chocolate buttons and spiral lollipops.

Special features:

This miraculous unicorn can smell out anything sweet including fruits and sweets, when this rare animal senses danger or any humans it can turn invisible or blend in with its background. In the winter the hooves turn golden and in the Summer they turn yellow or orange depending on how it feels during this time.


In the past two thousand  years there has only been one sighting, it was in 1981 spring time by a lady called Summer Quimby who was twenty eight when she saw this crazy sight.


The unicorn has power were it can scare of any creature using its high pitch squeal. If you are lucky enough to see this magical unicorn it can give you great luck and maybe lead you to something special.

Look out for this animal, it might lead you to something of your dreams. But also be careful it is very dangerous.

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