Bubble Unicorn

The Bubble Unicorn !

The bubble unicorn has see through hooves when they touch water  . Also the see through hooves have water in them .When the bubble unicorns have number 2 it is fluffy bubbles . When it has a number 1 it is smooth hand soap. When the bubble unicorn gets wet she gets all bubbly not fluffy bubbly .  When she sleeps she ***** to make a squishy blanket. Sometimes when she slides she has a number 1 to be nice and smooth the next day.

The bubble unicorn lives in a very, very super duper bubble-tastic palace.  Well I should say very, very super duper bubble tastic place. She lives in a bubble-tastic place because everything mentions bubbles or has bubbles in it or on it.  Or has soap on or in it. The food is even made out of soap or bubbles . The bubble unicorn lives in a very bubbly room . The floors, the wallpaper and anything else is made of bubbles . The water round her bubble palace has bubbles in it.All the unicorns on that island are either a water unicorn or a bubble unicorn . There are more bubble unicorns than water unicorns .There are hardly any water ones. On their bubble island you only eat bubble food or drink water . Sometimes you can get water bubbles and dish soap milkshakes.  The most famous food on Bubble slang is the bubble cake. The most famous drink is the bubbly boba water.

The bubble unicorn has long , flowing, wet hair. It’s as wet as a girl’s hair when she has just jumped in a pool. The bubble unicorns’ gorgeous wings are like a cauldron  boiling up.  That’s when  there dry and when there wet they feel like smooth hand soap has been put on them . Normally she breathes out of her mouth and nose but when she breathes out of her big nose holes blue bubbles come flying out and float up to the pastel sky and they join onto the fluffy white clouds. Sometimes the bubble out of her nose holes just go bouncing . The bubble unicorn’s wonderful name is bub . Her actual name is bubbles but everyone calls her bub for short because it sounds cute but not cuter than bubbles . That is too cute . He cute horn is like a mini waterfall. Its like a mini waterfall because water sins around it. 

 For the Queen = Bubbles to stay alive everyday she has to eat a plate full of human food. She cant drink water she has to drink any type of juice like apple juice , orange juice, pineapple juice , cranberry juice and more juices. Bubbles needs to eat a piece of human cake even if that’s the only thing she eats she will still stay alive. But she still needs that drink. They don’t need this to stay alive but they eat cream cones with bubbles and hand soap or dish soap on top . The bubbles are like ice cream to them . For the unicorns the bubble is all their food. The unicorns on that island make bubbletastic frappuccinos.  How they make it is to scoop of any bubble ice cream and then put it into a blender then they get to cups and fill them up with any drink then they pour it into the blender and turn it on . Once it is finished they put it into a cup and got a bar of shredded soap and hand or dish soap.

Sometimes when bub is a really good girl before dinner she gets to go on a long  fly gliding into the clouds and out again. Sometimes she kindly asks her friends to go, most of them say yes because hanging out with the princess is a very rare thing to do. Hanging out with the King and  Queen’s daughter. Some of her friends can’t make it because they were naughty but her best friend aqua always comes.  If bubbles were naughty she would be grounded and not get to go for her flight. Once when she was so post to be sleep her friend came to the window and asked her if she wanted to go out for a fly . Bubbles wanted to so they both snuck down the hallway and to the door but bubbles accidentally knocked a plant off the table but no one came so they ran outside and took off. 

 If you would like to find more about this bubble-tastic unicorn you could search up online bubble unicorns and you should get a lot of facts about them. If you want to learn about any  other unicorns, search up the type and unicorn  for example sun unicorn , garden unicorn or something like ocean unicorn . If you want to find out more water they look like search up bubble unicorns and go on google images. That’s all of bubble unicorns from me.

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