Crystal Unicorn.

Surprisingly, Crystal unicorns are created by a male fire unicorn and a female water unicorn. They have the nickname Crystal Corn because they love corn! Interestingly, these amazing creatures are nocturnal so they only come out at night. It is possible for them to fly if both of their parents can. Their cousins are ice and sunrise unicorns.



Incredibly, many Crystal unicorns live in enchanted places all over the world! Whenever they’re alone they love silence! That’s why they live in places nobody ever goes to. Also they can live underwater if they have mostly lived with their mothers but they can’t live in fire like their fathers.



Amazingly, these unicorns have a sparkling, flowing main, an iridescent, spiralling horn and majestic, glimmering eyes. They even have white, gorgeous ears, crystal clear hooves and a blossom body.


These creatures eat lots of corn, that’s why they have their nickname. Sometimes, some unicorns eat diamonds, emeralds and rubys because their teeth are extremely strong and they can chew almost anything.


If you ever approach a Crystal unicorn then slowly walk away or you can turn into crystals if they look at you. Although you could turn into a crystal, their horns are magical and can grant you good luck. The last Crystal unicorn ever spotted was in 1864 by a man called Will Zawlon. He spotted the unicorn and survived then hours later the unicorn found him and he became a crystal. 

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