crystal unicorn

The crystal unicorn


This amazing animal is very rare and only 2 live in the world. Due to covid this incredible animal has been mistaken for other creatures like the sea Pegasus and the forest unicorn. This animal only has one baby which are the only breed of this animal.

This fun loving unicorn has shining blue hair that shines in the sun and glimmering hooves the second it hits the floor. On the back of this creature is a massive rose cortex that comes out so prominent that it is hard to miss. The best part about this specie is that it has a amethyst at the top of its purple horn.

Many people believe that this animal lives in a cave but they would be wrong- this unicorn lives in a tiny mushroom house but it also has small cave next to it. This house has a tiny crystal room for the unicorn to admire all of the collections. This animal doesn’t live alone it lives with its little baby girl and the calm unicorn.

The crystal unicorn is a very kind creature almost all the time. Unusually this animal doesn’t like fighting but when it needs, to it goes out with a bang. As soon it sees an unhappy person it stares at it and brightens their day.

Weirdly, this type of unicorn lives on lavender and grass from their flower beds outside their house. They also hunt in the woods because they are really good at finding food to eat. As a treat sometimes they pick oak tree leaves from the forest.

People believe that this unicorn lives in island but no, it lives in Brazil. They also speculate that they are colour blind but again they would be wrong.

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