Emporium By Connor

PR. There are some places where nobody ever goes. The Everything Emporium is one of them. Even though at night, welcoming light pointed towards the entrance.

Even though, the sound of laughter and joy came from inside. Even though, toys were stacked on the shelves near the beautiful pink windows. Even though, lovely paintings and crystal plates sat patiently on the tables.

Nobody ever dared to take a step into the Emporium. Nobody

Until Andrew. 

P1. Andrew was surprised to see the emporium’s doors open, and without thinking zoomed right in.

P2. Everywhere he looked was filled with mysteries and excitement that he couldn’t control. Andrew stepped into the first room he saw and was amazed by the sight of an old phone from 1876, a fountain full of magical fish and a book that gives magic powers to anyone who reads it. He ran out of that room and instantly into another where he saw a golden mirror angled perfectly so it reflects light onto a big red button. The boy wasn’t sure if he should press it, but did it anyway because he was to curious. The button revealed a door above him that opened and dropped a book on his head.

P3. “I see you’ve found my special book,” said a mysterious voice that appeared behind him.

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