fire unicorn

The fire unicorn

The fire unicorn is a very RARE unicorn, and I mean RARE! So if you ever find one, keep it secret OK!


The special abilities of this creature has the words of FIRE so if you keep it we recommend you make sure your house is fully fireproof. Let’s go through the fire drill shall we?


1.find the nearest door

2.make sure that all your family members have made a straight line at the door

3.walk out the house carefully and call the nearest fire service

Ok now you know the fire drill let me tell you the dangers/special abilities about this rare creature. The fire unicorn,  shoots fireballs, breathes fire, spits devils, shoots fire arrows and shoots lava. 


This rare creature is normally found in a volcano or hot places like Spain, the USA, Greece, Mexico and Egypt. 


For a snack, this RARE SPECIES has a nitro bear. For breakfast the Fire Unicorn has jalapeno cereal, for lunch it has fire sandwiches with saracha. Finally, for dinner it has jalapeno pasta with volcano meatballs, now this is SPICY BEHAVIOUR!


The fire unicorn is greedy, mean, bossy, and rude. It looks last but not these the Appearance of this species is usually COVERED IN LAVA and a fire truths and a tail and main usually is on fire 


BUT…. this  creature if you find a rare one make sure to keep it safe so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands because if it does, it will curse you. In  your sleep.  you will never the light of day again so now that you know all about the fire unicorn you will have to defend yourself ok. you all about so good luck to all  goodbye.


The moral: if you find it dont keep it love if and if you don’t the cures will arise so be careful about your choices

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