Fire-Unicorns,are the minority of the creatures Unicorns – only, 100 remaining in the universe ; 97% have been taken from their home :tested,stuffed and tortured,-

Unfortunately, these creatures now have the smallest amount in their history.Due to their understandable fear, only some is known about these mischievous creatures.What do you know?


How to spot a Fire-Unicorn?


Unusually,Fire-Unicorns are to spot -having a unique appearance- almost all are similar with slight varying features: glistening red eyes like a ball of flame;skin that alters between red orange and yellow;a maine of fire;smoke-like hooves and a dark-red horn.


Where do they live?


Interestingly, Fire-Unicorns live on the they have dominance of The Sun,the Fire-Unicorns gain power from the Sun.Unusually,a majority surround their home terrified of the humans who have made them near extinction.Unsurprisingly, Fire-Unicorns only go to boiling planets.Due to this,need for heat many planets are deadly :Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus and Neptune.

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