Forest Mage Unicorn

Are you ready to get your mind blown by these truly amazing Unicorns?!

 Get ready to learn more about the Forest Mage Unicorn and what it is like.

You’ll learn about its habitat, behaviour, diet and appearance! WOW! Isn’t that amazing!? Get your memory caps on because ahead of you is a road of information just about the Forest Mage Unicorn. Try not to get hungry because its diet is pretty scrumptious!


 The Forest Mage Unicorn lives in varying places corresponding to the weather. In Summer, it likes to snuggle its legs into the cool, refreshing mud of the marshlands and then after, goes to Lake Vroom to clean off all the dirt. In Winter, it likes to snuggle inside the old Yew tree. It always stays at the roots of the Yew tree to protect itself against the harsh weather. Sometimes, if the weather is very harsh, it makes a hole in the ground and stores food there so it can keep in the warmth with food, without the need to go out into the harsh weather and hunt. In Spring it lives in the bark of a fallen, thunderstruck tree. This is because when it rains, the Unicorn can stay clean and when it is raining very hard, the Forest Mage Unicorn can close off the rest of the bark so that it is protected. And last but not least, in Autumn, The Forest Mage Unicorn likes to go to the old Willow tree for it to stroke its long, dangling leaves on the Unicorn’s back. It often hides under the tree in case of some unexpected snow!


The Forest Mage Unicorn has luxurious, golden brown fur that sways with the wind. It never loses it due to a magical substance in it that nobody knows about. It never falls because of its strong roots. The Forest Mage Unicorn has a mysterious, glowing orb on its back. It is pale blue in colour and is decorated with Mayan symbols and constellations of the mystical, dark night sky. They swivel around it like the waves of the ocean. The Forest Mage Unicorn has a beautiful, brown mane that waves in the wind like the flag of the Forest tribe. It is soft and warm in winter like a hot cup of strawberry tea. It is forbidden to be cut and who should cut it shall be cursed for a lifetime with the Forest Mage curse. It has hooves that click and clack as it strolls along the gravel road of the Forest tribe.


The Forest Mage Unicorn likes to eat berries of the Lashberry bush. They’re a metallic, silver in colour and taste like hot, creamy chocolate that melts in your mouth. The unicorn is especially fond of these berries and sometimes only eats these for days, weeks or even months! When it is cold, the Forest Mage Unicorn likes to stack up on beads off the yew tree to nibble on in the harsh weather. This is perfect since in winter, the Unicorn stays in the yew tree so it can quickly go outside, shake one of the branches and carry the beads inside to the comforting warmth of the tree.

Let’s not forget about dessert! The Forest Mage Unicorn likes to eat cakes from Cupcake Fields. Cupcake Fields are 7×5 acres in diameter so as you can imagine, it is quite stacked with cakes!

The Forest Mage Unicorn likes strolling through the deep forest, visiting all the Mages in all the different camps such as the Willow camp, which is situated right in the heart of Willow Fields. The mages are strictly forbidden to touch it except from the ceremonies where they give it the touch of Luck, Immortality and Immunity annually. The Forest Mage Unicorn likes hopping to the top of Mt. Neptune to enjoy the breath-taking, unbelievable view of the surrounding land. The Unicorn loves splashing about in lake Vroom with all the other fish and wildlife. This makes the Forest Mage Unicorn feel less lonely since it is the only one in the world and always will be the only one in the world. It also likes grazing in Mistletoe Fields with the Reindeer and its friends(Especially during winter!)

Now can I ask you for 1 thing only? Please do not go near the Forest mage Unicorn because Zip!, Zap and you’ll be going home as a frog or a fish! (It depends on the unicorn’s mood) Well! It’s time for me to go! Thankyou very much for reading and take my suggestions seriously because when you go home as a frog… Well… It probably won’t be the best experience that you’ve had in your life. Bye then!




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