Lila the sea saver by isla ph


Lila the sea saver


The water unicorn ( which is named lila)has got a twisty horn like a candle blowing out and it is for levitating.She has blue,pink and purple coral.She also has black scales.Also her mane is slithery smooth.


The water unicorn curiously  hooves  can turn lila into a fish,, and with her tail 

She can make things disappear in a blink of a second .


The water unicorn ,it is believed that people think that they live in the pasific ocean and migrants in the northern sea .   


Surprisingly the water unicorn only drinks the water from a single apple tree 

And a shark .To help the fish survive.


 Surprisingly The water unicorn does not have any predators however her emmys are the fire unicorn also the water unicorn’s prey is sharks and seaweed .


Unfortunately people have been killing innocent creatures especially water unicorns . however if you tame one it will take you on a adventure    




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