The midnight unicorn 



Many people believe that unicorns  aren’t real but they’re wrong. There have been many stighting but the most uncommon one is the midnight unicorn. Do you want to know more?


What do they look like?


The midnight unicorn is as big as a sheep. They have a black bodies and unusual red or blue horns. The mane and tail are dark blue. You can tell the gender by horn 




They live in an controle the clouds. At night they come down and jump from rooftop to rooftop, so at night look on some roof’s and see if you can spot one.



They normally eat frogs that float up into the clouds. When small lakes evaporate (a bit unusual but true), as a snack they eat a biscuit or seven.


If you get spotted while looking for one you might get eaten the next day because they don’t want to be hunted and become extinct.




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