Milky way the unicorn by ava s

The milky way unicorn is a very rare  unicorn and is only found in the sky at night so yes it is nocturnal and.all it eats and drinks is milk from tesco and wight chocolat. it’s easy to mount if it likes you and the way you now it likes you then she will lik you and if she really really likes you then a rambow sadel will pop up.


the milky way unicorn can control the entire world and if she thinks your being mean or if your being naty then she will make a sucul all around you and then she will make it turn into an urfcwac 


just to let you now she doesn’t eat animals and animals don’t eat her the animals love her.her home is maz. The color of the milky way unicorn is pupul  and dark blue and is sparkly. With blue socs (as in the different color on the legs).


 However,she doesn’t have wings because she runs on the sky when she says up into the galaxy.

Unfonchliy she comes to peopel because she isn’t scared of people. That’s it about the milky way unicorn.         

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