Mystery unicorn

Mystery unicorn



Mystery unicorn,her mane feels like soft furry fabric,her colour of skin is golden scale that shimmers in the sunlight .Her horn is sharp like a knife and is as tall as a big bottle of pop.



Jumping over fences,hiding behind bushes,trees,houses and buses .she likes running around in the deep,deep forest to play with her friends and they jump over fences .


Etats /drinks 

Misery unicorn,only eats just carrots and she  eats juicy apples and her favourite drink is is dark blue water from the lake  of secrets.


People think 

That if you kill a unicorn then drink its blood then you will be more powerful and stronger and you will have special powers. So they hunt the unicorns down and kill them, so Mitery the unicorn is the only  unicorn left of her kind and people think that if you can get a unicorn horn they can perfect them self and hurt other people. 



Mystery the unicorn lives in the wild forest .And every day Mistery goes  to  play with her friends and they jump over fences and they play hid and cace.




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