Poison Unicorn!

Poison unicorn

The Poison Unicorn is a deadly type of unicorn. 

The Poison Unicorn has a body of a foal -with long legs – and has a green, small body. It has a black, spiral horn in the centre of the creatures head. Very long, deep, red wings help it to glide and the location on its head where the blaze would normally begin, there is a skull and crossbones marked in black fur.

 Throughout the year, the deadly unicorn migrates to many different places: starting with hibernating in under cities in winter. It then arises, takes flight, flies and glides for two seasons- that’s very rare for a unicorn. It lands in the autumn in its destination, the huge dark forests of France amongst some of the most rarest unicorns in the world. 

Although they are able to digest a huge variety of food, this creature needs to consume poisonous plants and fungi including Deadly Nightshade, Coral Tree, Funeral Bell and Death  Cap.  Another type of food they LOVE is pure radioactive solids including Thorium and Plutonium. They adore theses substances and they will tolerate you if you provide them. 

Having many special features, it is hard to find one and it is lucky to survive the meeting if you do. These clever unicorns have adapted to morph into having camouflage in the autumn when they are located in the forests. Many people have died after sighting the creature flying and it has been concluded that this is because, scientists have just realised, they release Uranium toxins when their wings beat. As well as the Uranium, their manes are over 909000 billion degrees celsius, burning every thing in its wake.

Would you be able to identity a Poison Unicorn? If you sight one then you will it will be a one in a life time experience. During the industrial revolution that spanned for over 50 years, they were killed for their astatine teeth and their francium eardrums. The last siting was in 1850 by a man named Sir John Halin when he was doing an experiment in a forest near Senoches he sadly did not return. 

If you see one, you should keep your eyes on his withers as if you look into his eyes your body will be poisoned and you die after five seconds. Looking through his nostrils is also a terrible idea because you will be blinded. Only one person has survived acting meeting one and her name was Jemma Stoke

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