prologue/chapter 1

Secret emporium


The emporium is not the place round the corner you go to buy the milk for the cat or the pizza for the party. NO, it’s a magic warehouse that smells sweet as honey and as dark as death itself and when people go in mostly, they never come out.
Rumours and secrets surround the emporium like a thick layer of fog.
No one will be willing to go into the emporium… no one except the boy called Timmy!

Chapter one – Through the door

Timmy was always the adventurers type Exabition’s, quests you name it, but he never thought he’d do this. He was walking down “Road St” When he noticed something odd about the emporium the door was open!

So, him being him he walked in without a care in the world.

Walking through the halls of the emporium, hmm world first? He thought to himself.
The halls were filled with wonders like a cold fireplace, fire spiting firefly’s, the never-ending mirror and stuff like that but what most entreated Timmy was an old book gold Lether cover and a diamond writing “book of wonders”. As Timmy was looking through the book and the letters danced pictures moved and it looked like a floor plan for the emporium! Magic rooms as far as the eye can see and they had so many names for the rooms e.g., room of the sea, room of suns and it goes on and on AND ON. But then Timmy heard a very sharp voice like plates smashing on the floor.
I see you have found your way into the emporium…

(Deep silence)

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