Secret Emporium Story

Secret Emporium Prologue –
Have you ever heard about the secret emporium?
Unusual things happened on the street of Academy Street, Danny usually walks down past The woods on her way to school. Did you hear about the Secret Emporium on the news? In the centre of the woods is where magical things can happen, The woods is somewhere nobody would usually go, nobody is known of going into the emporium, it was the 19/05/1981 where someone was last caught in the emporium, no one knows who but Danny had always been sneaky.

CHAPTER 1- Through the portal
Danny is not a very bright girl, she only really shows a smile when she sees her pets, her mum died and her ‘friends’ that she though where her friends weren’t nice to her. Even though the woods to most people wasn’t a secure and safe place she still felt it was her safe place, she went to the woods every day after school.

Today after school as she usually does went to the woods, it was a cold breezy day, she sat on a long log in the woods, there was a part of the woods she never really went, the middle. Her first time going to the middle of the woods she sees…. something looking like a mystical unimaginable portal! What else did Danny have to do in her life, she needed something exiting to happen sometime soon. Well, it was worth a shot, worst thing that could happen is she could get stuck there and not be able to get back…. which wasn’t that bad for Danny. She hopped in the mystical portal. Woah! As she stepped tragically out the portal she sees an immense building right on front of her, the building was a brick building, the bricks were a rose, crimson colour, Danny then realises Shes at the emporium. This is the emporium that’s on the news every day! Everything started to look familiar, there was the vivid, dazzling, flashing lights outside of the entrance. Danny wanted to go in but she decided to persuade herself not to, she wanted to explore outside first. She turned around the corner and saw immaculate windows, but the curtains were closed…….time to go inside, thought Danny. She wandered around the corner and strolled in the grand entrance, there were cages hanging from the ceiling, the lights were dimmed, they weren’t that bright. Danny turn the corner and see lanterns hanging from each side down the hall-way, Danny approaches a timber, beige door. She turned the door handle slowly as it twisted, she rapidly took her hands off the door as she let it creak open.

Huh, who’s that? gets a dread panic as she sees a tall looking….thing? “who is that!!?” Squealed Danny, who- what is that in your hand…..? “ YOU DONT EVEN LOOK HUMAN!” cried out Danny. Danny was very scared, what if the man started chasing her? What if Hes going to…. kill her!!? The man stood there and held a book. “Are you lost?”, replied the man. This man kind of looked like an alien, well some sort of alien, but I think he was half human and half alien! “i d-don’t know” replied Danny to the Man- Alien……..

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